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The first of The 10,000 10 puzzle movies, this award-winning thriller from Sleeper Cell is a fun and suspenseful story told with NO DIALOGUE. Watch it alone or solve it together, and follow and post on facebookinstagram and twitter using the hashtag #3DWMovie. Thank you for watching!


"An ingeniously constructed thrill ride"

- The Movie Gourmet

"...a feisty, low-budget twister, suspenseful and entertaining"

- San Jose Mercury News

"3 Day Weekend is a really good film and you should see it"

- Unseen Films

"There is a surprise twist at every step... But the puzzle isn't solved until the very last scene"

- Cinequest

"...a flat-out modern crime masterpiece - one of the year's best fright flicks in my not so humble opinion"

- Horrorfuel

"...a fiendishly entertaining

indie film"

- Film Threat


"...a brilliant indie film with a finale that will make

your jaw drop"

- World Film Geek

"This is a fun, fun movie that will stir up your brain"

- Euan Kerr, MPR

"...a taut 80 minutes of gripping entertainment - a storytelling triumph"

- The Movie Gourmet

"...diabolical and brilliant - delivers a giant 'Aha!'

at the end"

- Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

Best Screenplay

Indie Vision Award

-Twin Cities Film Festival

"...will remind you of 'Rashomon' as much as it does 'A Quiet Place'"

- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Deep in the woods, amateur camper Ben Boyd becomes lost after discovering a kidnapping badly off the rails. With only the victim's phone and some freaky polaroids for clues, he sets out to find and rescue her. But every time the story switches to a different character's point of view, the whole story seems to start over. A kidnapping? A post-prison rendezvous? Revenge? What's actually happening in the woods on this 3 Day Weekend is only clear when the final puzzle piece snaps into place.

Starring Morgan Krantz ("In the Dark"), Maya Stojan ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), Nathan Phillips ("Wolf Creek," "Snakes on a Plane") and Scott MacDonald ("Jarhead")

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